Corporate Governance & Constitutional Documents

The Board of Malin Corporation plc recognises the importance of good governance in supporting growth in long term shareholder value and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance commensurate with the size and stage of the development of the Company.

The Company has committed to comply with the principles of the Quoted Companies’ Alliance (QCA) Corporate Governance Code for small and mid-size quoted companies and, to the extent they are appropriate for the Company given its size, stage of development and resources, the principal provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code together with the terms of the Irish Annex.

The corporate governance standards of the Company are described in the Company’s corporate governance guidelines (the Corporate Governance Guidelines), which have been adopted by the Board. The Corporate Governance Guidelines cover the mission of the Board, director responsibilities, Board structure (including the roles of the chairman, CEO and the lead independent director, matters reserved for the Board, Board composition, independent directors, definition of independence, Board membership criteria, selection of new directors, time limits and mandatory retirement, Board composition and evaluation), leadership development (including formal evaluation of the chairman and CEO, succession planning and director development), Board committees, Board meeting proceedings, Board and independent director access to top management, independent advice, board interaction with institutional investors, research analysts and media and matters reserved for the Board.


Corporate Governance GuidelinesConstitutionTerms of Reference for the Remuneration CommitteeTerms of Reference for the Nominations & Governance CommitteeTerms of Reference for the Audit Committee